We're an independent artist-led collective - an arts organisation and a social enterprise (a community interest company).  We are all practicing freelance artists and arts professionals.  As well as doing our own work, we are members of dot to dot active arts.  This is where we work together on community arts projects, workshops, exhibitions and events.  We believe, as dot to dot active arts, our sum is greater than our parts.

We're member-led and project-based.  We have no permanent building and we do not receive core funding.  We make surplus from commissions and invest it back into our own community arts activities that work with those who cannot afford professional participatory projects.  We also work together to share and develop our skills through peer-supported informal learning.  This is an essential aspect of our work as it ensures our members and trainees continually build their own experiences that will feed stronger community-based practice for everyone.

Members joining dot to dot active arts support our Artists’ Covenant - an agreement between artists to support each other’s success, promote each other’s work and share opportunities.   Our Artists' Covenant is based on Washington Glass School’s Artists’ Covenant, ‘’A covenant is more than a contract, stronger than a pact. It’s a deep, profound commitment among people who see themselves as a community seeking to support the Arts.’’

We are process-based in our approaches and always seek to involve participants and communities at every stage of our work.  We always aim to provide creative experiences that are people-focused, informal, democratic and fun.  We believe in achieving the highest aesthetic qualities in all our work with people and communities but the experiences of our participants, artists and partners are always our priority.

Our depth and quality of artistic practice spans all fields of the arts in its broadest sense and our skills at project development and management are of the highest standards.

We love challenges.  We look for new ways of working across all disciplines and sectors.  We work together with people and communities to create exciting art that people can feel a real part of.  That is why we're called dot to dot active arts.