Here’s a short version of the presentation I gave at BALTIC 39 recently about my doctoral research project following project approval…

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Any comments more than welcome.


  1. Hi Patrick
    I think I probably agree with most of what you say, but I’ve also just read this: and it made me reconsider some of my own ‘positions’ on cultural value. Also in conversation with my colleague Janet Morris from What Next? Southwark, apropos our Public Meetings (see Have Your Say) we are both concerned that the language used about arts and culture (and in discussions of their value) is often off-putting to those who are neither academic nor speak ‘art English’ or the ‘technical’ English needed to fill in applications to arts funders. I think that with this special language we are buying into the technocracy that Steiner warns of and we all need to urgently address how we talk about what we do, in order to really engage people and properly connect with them. I think if we don’t do that we might never achieve the outcomes that are possible from particpatory projects. If we don’t do this I think we will just be talking amongst ourselves and ‘delivering’ things to the public rather than properly involving them on equal terms. I appreciate that this blog is aimed at an academic audience and reflects the work you are doing as an academic and perhaps in other communications your language is modified to suit a wider audience, so please don’t take this as a criticism, more a suggestion.

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