I wrote this article for Super Slow Way, the Creative People and Places programme in Pennine Lancashire. I’m their critical friend. This is a reflection on where Super Slow Way are now and where I think they’re going.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

‘Creative People and Places has shackled itself to a notion of “place” as an area on a map.


As part of my work as critical friend for Creative People and Places project Super Slow Way, I decided to spend two days exploring as much of the festival as possible. My review focuses on what were, for me, the stand-out exhibitions and explores why it felt like the British Textile Biennial felt like two festivals in one.READ MORE

This is a transcript of my keynote at the British Textile Biennial which took place on 1st November 2019. I performed the keynote to a film. I’ve included some of the videos featured. The Doves’ songs were played in full, the others only extracts. I’ve also included an audio recording that you can listen to here .READ MORE

I visited Super Slow Way in June and July this year. This blog post reflects those visits and begins to pose a question at the heart of my role as critical friend for the Creative People and Places project.

Gatty poster (Courtesy of Claire Wellesley-Smith, 2016, Gatty poster (Courtesy of Claire Wellesley-Smith, 2016,

Gatty poster (Courtesy of Claire Wellesley-Smith, 2016,

How far can you go?


This is the second of my blogs about my experiences of being a “properly critical critical friend” for Creative People and Places project, Super Slow Way. I talk about my experiences of spending time with artists Claire Wellesley Smith and Jamie Holman.

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Gatty Park, Accrington. Early morning. A warm welcome to the side of Elmfield Hall.… READ MORE

I’m very excited to be Super Slow Way’s critical friend. I have been critical of Creative People and Places in the past but have always been intrigued by Super Slow Way – its team and its approach to programming. This is the first blog post about my experiences.

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Super Slow Way is a Creative People and Places project in Pennine Lancashire.… READ MORE