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Owen Jones’s blog, Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer, is rather odd. It’s as if he’s having (or had) an existential crisis. Labour’s low poll ratings have worried him. I find his blog a little bit patronising.  Here’s why…

Essentially he says (to quote a repetitive, but really rather good (back in the day) rave tune): “You can’t beat the system.… READ MORE



So the Parliamentary Labour Party want Corbyn out via a new leadership election…

Firstly, fair en0ugh.  That’s their privilege.  Secondly, they always wanted Corbyn out; they never thought he could win.


Unfortunately for the PLP, Labour leaders are democratically voted in by the members.

I re-joined Labour because Corbyn offered a sense of hope: something different – progressive socialism that listens to the people – to the members. … READ MORE