I was kindly asked to talk alongside Labour MP Laura Pidcock, Jessie Jo Jacobs (Policy and Campaigns Officer, Northern TUC) and Ramona McCartney (National Officer for the People’s Assembly) at the People’s Assembly event, “In Place of Austerity”, in Newcastle on 20th January 2018. It was an incredibly inspiring day!READ MORE

This is the transcript of my 3 very short provocations presented to stimulate discussion during my workshop at the Sound Connections Social Justice Conference at Cecil Sharp House on 30th November 2017.

You can access the PowerPoint with notes and images here.

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Hello. I’m Stephen. This workshop will explore neoliberalism, language and engagement, and whether social justice can ever be compatible with neoliberalism.… READ MORE


An amazing example of participatory action research done well. Engaged people voicing real concerns about their neighbourhood using data they collected. This video is also a great example of using visual arts to produce powerful public interventions via the outdoor projection vehicle called The Illuminator. Lots UK could learn here.… READ MORE

I wrote a short blog post for the lovely people at Balfron Social Club.  Here’s an embedded version.  Check out their site for loads more brilliant writing and information about Balfron Tower.


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The Right and Freedom to a Home, Front cover. (Image courtesy of Theresa Easton, 2016). The Right and Freedom to a Home, Front cover. (Image courtesy of Theresa Easton, 2016).

I’m really proud to have been asked by artist and activist Theresa Easton to write the introduction to her new artist’s book entitled, he Right and Freedom to a Home.  She has kindly allowed me to publish my introduction here.

Please click here to see more about Theresa’s book.… READ MORE


Image (c) Mark McGowan @chunkymark http://theartisttaxidriver.blogspot.gr/?m=0

Owen Jones’s blog, Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer, is rather odd. It’s as if he’s having (or had) an existential crisis. Labour’s low poll ratings have worried him. I find his blog a little bit patronising.  Here’s why…

Essentially he says (to quote a repetitive, but really rather good (back in the day) rave tune): “You can’t beat the system.… READ MORE


We live in terrible times.  I feel sad about the world.  I feel angry.

The murder of the superbly dedicated Labour MP Jo Cox is incredibly upsetting.  She stood up for her beliefs, she cared, she sought to help people, vulnerable people.  She was murdered by the hands of a white Right Wing fanatic: a fascist, a terrorist.… READ MORE


I’ve just shared my full paper from the Association of American Geographers Conference here but I thought some people might like to see the PowerPoint with notes or rather, I would recommend, the film with me presenting my paper.  (I presented it virtually, so this is exactly as the audience saw and heard it at the conference.)READ MORE

We all know times are tough for everyone and this includes artists.  We all know the ideology of austerity is a lie (I hope!)  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for artists to be paid the very reasonable £260 per day for an artist with more than 5 years experience recommended by Artists’ Union England. … READ MORE