This is a transcript of another Twitter conversation between @rattlecans and the poet Martin Daws.  It stemmed from my tweet, which reflected Martin’s call for paid artists in place of multi-million pound art centres.  I asked: “Instead of a £50m art venue, a city could pay 200 artists £25k a year for 10 years to work with communities; do what they want. READ MORE

This is a (slightly edited) transcript of a Twitter conversation which stemmed from the guest blog by @Rattlecans entitled Old Space Taken.  The conversation is about memories of living on council estates and anger at what’s happened since…


Ian:                    This is good MORE

This is a guest post by @Rattlecans – an outspoken voice on Twitter who I very much respect.  Written in 2012, it’s a re-blog from The Ragged University project.  The original can be found hereOld Space Taken is about a once-strong community, now lost.  Powerful and personal, it’s a must read.READ MORE