I had a conversation with fellow artist Martin Daws back in 2016. He had a great idea. imagine if artists were employed, full-time to work in communities? We worked on it. Martin then wrote a guest blog here in 2017.

This article sets out how we could easily and relatively cheaply employ artists in everyday community and how such a simple, yet radical system would create just the sort of transformative cultural change that is at the heart of Arts Council England’s new 10-year strategy, Let’s Create.READ MORE

Luke John Emmett wrote a new note: A Response From A “Normal” Participant To The No Boundaries Conference 2014.

Luke posted this excellent and thoughtful response to his experiences at No Boundaries 2014 on his Facebook page.  I thought I’d reblog WP style so people who don’t use FB can have a gander…


It has taken me a few weeks to sit back and think about everything I have learned from the No Boundaries conference before writing this response.