I was really privileged to be invited to take part in What Next for the Arts? – an afternoon symposium which was part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival – on 12th May 2018.  As I like to do whenever I get the chance nowadays, I performed the piece with accompanying film and audio.READ MORE

This is the script for a performance lecture by Dawn Woolley and myself.  The performance was intentionally disruptive and disrupted.

The film with a spoken script will be available soon…


[TEXT] ‘[T]echnology has become the great vehicle of reification’ (Marcuse, 1964, p. 168).

[TEXT] ‘First as tragedy, then as farce’ (Marx, 1852).… READ MORE

This is my attempt to reflect upon the closure of libraries in the UK under a rainbow cloak of austerity provided by propaganda from the Arts Council England…  Rough and straight off the page…

SophieLens_2016_05_02_15_09.jpg SophieLens_2016_05_02_15_09.jpg





Tattered, battered,

Drawn upon.

Pages infuriatingly missing.


Plastic armour

Protected them.READ MORE