We live in terrible times.  I feel sad about the world.  I feel angry.

The murder of the superbly dedicated Labour MP Jo Cox is incredibly upsetting.  She stood up for her beliefs, she cared, she sought to help people, vulnerable people.  She was murdered by the hands of a white Right Wing fanatic: a fascist, a terrorist.

The EU Referendum has undoubtedly stirred up the long festering spirit of ignorant xenophobia, racism, violence and hatred that we all know blights the UK and the rest of the world.

It is time to stand up to the hard Right and the soft Right in this country.  The divisive racism and spite shown by nationalist groups, UKIP, many Leave campaigners and much of the UK press is disgraceful: they all have incited violence.  They all have blood on their hands.

WE MUST ORGANISE AGAINST THE SINISTER TIDE OF DISGUSTING RIGHT WING HATRED.  All of us who are sad and horrified by the senseless murder of Jo Cox, who care about all our fellow humans, who seek hope, fairness and justice in this fragmented, unfair world, who care about our children’s future.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

And what do the Arts do?  The Art World celebrates the opening of the massive tower of neoliberal, colonial and imperial elitism that is the new Tate Modern “Switch House”!  Champagne corks popped as the Great and the Good donned their finest for a VIP preview just a few hours after yesterday’s terrible murder!


The Art World offers little or no mention of Jo Cox.  They have said very little about the EU Referendum.  The Art World is effectively depoliticised.

At sad times such as this, the Art World veil disintegrates to reveal its irrelevance.

I’m so, so sad, but we must always fight for peace, hope and justice!


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