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We are a growing movement for cultural democracy. We believe cultural democracy is a radical political project and we want everyone interested in cultural democracy to get involved.

There will be regular posts online too and we hope this website and blog, together with our Twitter and Facebook pages, will enable us to organise as a movement and discuss what we want to happen next.

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1 thought on “Welcome

  1. message to Stephen Pritchard re meeting on Friday at South Leith parish halls.
    Hi Stephen, My name is Noel Spencer, thanks for coming and hosting the event, I was sitting at the front and said a few comments and expressed my experiences of direct action and the what the trams and current developments in and around Leith will have on the area.
    Unfortunately you were a bit hoodwinked by the very people that think they are doing good but in fact exasperate the problem, I didn’t see any of the locals who live in poverty only quite a lot of well to do individuals!.
    Willy Barr who runs the Citadel youth centre ( my mate, who deals with genuine poverty on a daily basis) did make several valid points
    The guy who was swearing and kicking off at the back and to your left was perhaps the most honest in his comments and dead right to accuse those involved in the community arts projects as being contributors to the gentrification of Leith (art for artists sake money for nothing!)
    This type of sudo intellectual self indulgent self gratifying arty farty approach only causes more social exclusion for those who have no art background.
    This was further exemplified by the public screening of a short film at the Kirkgate later on Saturday, organised by Edinburgh Late (look at their inclusion programme! and decide who is this for?)
    I was there and had to leave as it was perhaps one of the most insensitive things I have ever been witness to, they were projecting images of social depravation in the seventies in an area that overlooks the very buildings that house the poorest in the area. They then projected more films on the other worst housing high-rises in Leith.
    Looking at the crowd I did recognise a few familiar faces, lots of the arty ones and their friends but it was a freak side show for those that attended, I don’t blame those that were there in fact my anger is not at them ( who doesn’t want a free film show).
    If you have the time it would be great meet up with myself, Willy Barr who runs the Citadel youth Centre and our local labour councillor Gordon Munro.
    Just to put the record straight, I am a designer and qualified at Edinburgh College of art many years ago!
    I have recently set up CIC Company called Bare Branding, Bare Branding is an open access makers workshop that activly encourages and works with those who
    can not access the arts, we provide free training and access on the very latest digital printing equipment,
    I had a successful sign company that I decided to turnover to a community workshop, it is self funded by myself and my business partner Agne Smilgate.
    We work with all sectors of the community, yes even the arty lot, those that can afford it subsidise those that cant.
    Please look us up on those social media things, face book, instagram,
    I would like to get more involved with your Movement for cultural reform and perhaps help reshape and address the real poverty in our society.

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