This is the script for a performance lecture by Dawn Woolley and myself.  The performance was intentionally disruptive and disrupted.

The film with a spoken script will be available soon…


[TEXT] ‘[T]echnology has become the great vehicle of reification’ (Marcuse, 1964, p. 168).

[TEXT] ‘First as tragedy, then as farce’ (Marx, 1852).… READ MORE

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Cultural democracy is not new, but rather an idea that has found a newly conducive context. This is much to do with the growing belief amongst younger generations that change is necessary and that they can and will make it happen. It is also perhaps a confluence between a budding socialist agenda for the UK and the dissatisfaction of so many cultural practitioners over a longstanding retrenchment in public funding for the arts that has sought to control rather than nurture.… READ MORE

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“It has never been so necessary to challenge how our art & culture is currently run: budget cuts, privatisations, closures, commercialisation have become the priorities. Access to Art & Culture is a human right and we must reclaim it. The Manifesto for Cultural Democracy comes at a perfect time when we need to develop a strong agenda on Art & Culture for the future Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.… READ MORE

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“Cultural democracy is needed more now than ever before to help strengthen and give voice to civil society’s response to the many urgent crises facing humanity.

Culture IS a common good and we need to reclaim the means to cultural production at a grassroots level, enabling people of all ages and ethnicities, from all walks of life, to access resources (including spaces, materials, equipment and time) to explore through the arts, local, national and global issues, and to share individual and collective creative responses.… READ MORE