“Culture is ordinary, and culture is everything, as Raymond Williams said. We deliberately use a wide definition of culture to ensure discussion and policy making is not just limited to the arts. Culture for us means all those cultural activities which express our beliefs, values, and interests and which we practise and appreciate collectively for our entertainment, exercise, and enlightenment.… READ MORE


“PCS Culture Group welcomes the Manifesto for Cultural Democracy initiative, at a time when budget cuts and austerity policies are deeply undermining our cultural institutions and when corporate power is increasingly encroaching on the fundamental aims of our museums and art centres.

The PCS Culture Group, working with other unions in the creative & cultural sector, has developed its own programme, under the banner of the Show Culture Some Love, and we look forward to taking part in this initiative, building the Manifesto by consulting our members, and helping develop an alternative political programme to the Tories’ profit-making agenda.”… READ MORE

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“I started my professional theatre career working in Theatre-In-Education and Community Theatre in the 1980s. I was part of a permanent actors’ ensemble, in collective organisational structures, where each staff member enjoyed equal pay, was a trade unionist and a board member and had an equal say from day one. Our schools work was radical in form and content, and fiercely child-centred.… READ MORE

This is the transcript and presentation with notes from my talk at Panda (The Performing Arts Network) in Manchester on 28th March 2018. The event was a celebration of the network’s 15 years working with artists and communities but it was also tinged with sadness as they announced that they were unable to continue to operate due to the toxic arts funding environment and local council cuts.READ MORE

Our new logo

Our new logo

Hello and welcome to our new website and new blog.

We are a growing movement for cultural democracy. We believe cultural democracy is a radical political project and we want everyone interested in cultural democracy to get involved.

There will be regular posts online too and we hope this website and blog, together with our Twitter and Facebook pages, will enable us to organise as a movement and discuss what we want to happen next.… READ MORE

This blog is a brief response to the artwashing of the Great Exhibition of the North, particularly the inclusion of BAE Systems as a “premier partner” of the event, which is billed as the UK’s biggest event for 2018. There’s a campaign to force event organisers to remove BAE Systems from the list of sponsors and I’m a member, but I want to consider the following questions in relation to the scandal: a) Who really organises the exhibition?… READ MORE