I recently walked around Robin Hood Gardens in the company of Rab Harling and Adam Greenfield as part of my ongoing research into gentrification and acts of resistance.  These are my reflections…

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Entrance to first block at Robin Hood Gardens. Entrance to first block at Robin Hood Gardens.

Entrance to first block at Robin Hood Gardens.

Robin Hood Gardens social housing at once derelict yet also very much alive. … READ MORE

I wrote a short blog post for the lovely people at Balfron Social Club.  Here’s an embedded version.  Check out their site for loads more brilliant writing and information about Balfron Tower.


This blog post is a first draft of a spoken word performance script as yet unperformed. It is inspired by a ludicrous reference in this blog about the ludicrous forced adoption of Quality Metrics by Arts Council England.  Simon Mellor is their Executive Director.  He makes rather odd reference to Harold Pinter’s he Birthday Party (1957), a play that is, of course, all about the killing of individuality, of an individual at the hands of Kafkaesque state conformity; about conformist brainwashing and execution. … READ MORE

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Hipster Police Hipster Police

Hipster Police

This is my first article for The Guardian Comment is Free section.  I’ve added my own pic here…

It’s a response to Matt Hancock’s recent maiden speech about UK arts and culture in which he said, “The hipster is a capitalist.”

I’d love your feedback…


I really enjoyed being a part of The Nexus of Art and Geography: practice as research – a day of papers presented as part of the Participatory Geographies Research Group.  The sessions were convened and curated by Cara Courage and Anita McKeown.  I decided to perform my paper.

Always Outsiders is about playing and experiencing the presence of people, environment, nature. … READ MORE