‘The politics of cultural value: Towards an emancipatory framework’ – interesting new post by Dr Eleonora Belfiore about whether cultural policy and arts funding can support social justice and emancipation. My feeling is, no. State policy and grant giving is always politically laden with issues of power. Only a utopian paradigm shift in how government works could possibly go some way to achieving this.… READ MORE

I attended a workshop at the University of Warwick on 9th July about Co-producing cultural policy.  The day was very, very interesting and frustrating at times.  I was guest blogger.  I wrote this.  It was originally published here: http://coculturalpolicy.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/cultural-value-and-economic-and-social.html


A morning of valuing artists, museums as co-producers of ‘social justice’ and cultural value as power, followed with an afternoon workshop about value and impact.… READ MORE

This is the second post about my work around developing my PhD research methodology.  It is about trying to develop a critical theory from past and current theoretical perspectives that might apply to our present twenty-first century arts arts and cultural milieu, dominated as it undeniably is by neoliberalism, conservatism and state instrumentalism. READ MORE