Rule Britannia! 40 years after Derek Jarman's cult film Jubilee was released, this clip sums up the sinister English nationalism behind #Brexit

“You wanna know my story babe. It’s easy. This is the generation that grew up and forgot to lead their lives. They were so busy watching my endless movie. It’s power babe, power. I don’t create it, I own it. I sucked and sucked and I sucked. The media became their only reality and I owned their world of flickering shadows. BBC. TUC. ITV. ABC. ATV. MGM. KGB. C of E. You name it, I bought them all and rearranged the alphabet. Without me, they don’t exist.”

Clip of Amyl Nitrate (Jordan) performing to "Rule Britannia" from Derek Jarman's film "Jubilee" with the opening scene introduction with Borgia Ginz (Orlando) and Bod (Jenny Runacre).